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The minutes of each HVA meeting will be posted here

April 2014   April minutes.pdf

July 2014 july 2014.pdf

The July 19, 2014 Annual Meeting

1. Business meeting minutes  annual meeting.pdf

2. New website and membership overview   HVA Membership and Website 7.19.14.pdf

3. Overview of regulatory matrix    Regulatory Oversight of Honeoye Watershed 7.19.14.pdf

4. Video presentation of underwater Honeoye Lake   http://hva.wildapricot.org/Lake-Water-Quality-Monitoring

5. Overview of the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force   Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Overview 071114.pdf 

6. The Nature Conservancy and Watershed Task Force presentation of external loading and proposed solutions presentation  HVAPresentation2014-07-19.pdf

   -- NOTE that the summer 2014 Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force newsletter has a lead article giving more details to the external loading study and recommendations (above) and this newsletter can be found at:   http://hva.wildapricot.org/Lake-Watershed-Management-Plan

August 2014   August 2014.pdf

September 2014   September 2014

March 2015   HVA Board Meeting Notes 3-11-15.doc

April 2015  HVA Board Meeting Notes 4-8-15

June 2015  HVA Board Meeting Notes 6-15 2015.doc

July Annual Meeting minutes and presentation:

The Nature of Our Lake 2014 HVA 2015 annual meeting

October 2015  HVA Board Meeting Notes 10-19--2015b.doc.1.doc

November 2015   HVA Board Meeting Notes 11-16--2015.doc

January 2016  HVA Board Meeting Notes 1-20--2016.doc

February 2016  HVA Board Meeting Notes 2-15-2016.doc

March 2016   HVA Board of Directors Meeting Notes 3-15-2016.doc   

April 2016  HVA Board of Directors Meeting Notes 4-18--2016.doc

May 2016 HVA Board of Directors Meeting Notes 5-16--2016.pdf

July Annual Meeting  HVA Annual Meeting Notes 7-9-2016.pdf

August 2016  HVA Boardl Meeting Notes 8-15-2016.pdf

April 2017 HVA April 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes finished.pdf

May 2017  HVA May 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes (Autosaved).docx

August 2017   HVA August 21 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf

November 2017 HVA Nov. 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2018  HVA JAN 15 2018 Meeting Minutes-1.pdf

March 2018  HVA Meeting Minutes March 19-1.docx

April 2018   HVA Meeting Minutes April 16th .docx

May 2018

June 2018 HVA MM June 18 2018.docx

August 2018  Meeting Minutes August 27 2018.pdf

September 2018   HVA Board Meeting September 2018.docx

October 2018  Meeting Minutes October 15 2018.docx

November 2018  HVA MM Final NOV 19 2018.pdf

December 2018 - no meeting

January 2019  HVA MM Jan 21 2019.docx

February 2019 HVA MM Feb 18 2019.docx

March 2019   HVA MM March 18 2019 EDITS.docx

April 2019 HVA MM April 15 2019.docx

May 2019 HVA MM Draft May 20 2019.docx

June 2019 HVA MM JUne 17 2019.docx

July 2019

August 2019 HVA MM Draft August 19 2019.docx

September 2019 HVA MM Draft September 16th 2019.docx

October 2019 HVA MM Draft October 21th 2019.docx

November 2019 HVA MM Draft November 18th 2019.docx

April 2020 HVA MM Draft 4-20-2020.docx

May 2020 MM 05-18-2020.pdf

October 2020 MM 10-06-2020 v2.0.pdf

December 2020 MM 12-01-2020 v2.1.pdf

January 2021 MM 01-05-21 v1.0.pdf

February 2021 MM 02-02-21 v1.1.pdf

March 2021 MM 03-02-21 v1.0.pdf

April 2021 MM 04-06-21 v1.1.pdf

May 2021 MM 05-04-21 v1.0 (1).pdf

June 2021 Honeoye Valley Association Board Meeting June 1st 2021.docx

Annual Meeting July 2021 MM Annual Meeting - 2021 v1.1 (1).pdf

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