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Great strides continue to be made at the Aquatic Research Center at the south end of Honeoye Lake.  There is now a temporary fish culture facility in the garage at the Field Station.  The new ponds are now full and ready for the walleye fingerling project. 

John Foust of FLCC conducted a two year walleye research project to determine if there has been any successful or attempted natural reproduction of walleye in the Honeoye Lake watershed.  This spring the students have placed a trap net in the Honeoye Inlet at the Muller Field Station.  The trap net does not harm the fish in any manner.  The fish are brought to shore where they are measured, marked (fin clipped), and their sex is determined. 

The “ripe” fish will be stripped of eggs or milt and then released back into the Inlet.  The temporary fish culture center will be used to teach how the eggs develop into fry.  The fry will then be released either into Honeoye Lake or placed in the fish culture ponds to grow to fingerlings.  The ponds and pond water control structures were constructed in a cooperative effort with the NYSDEC. 

Along with the walleye, two northern pike and several pickerel were found during the trap net process which may come as a surprise to many people.  One of the northerns weighted in at 22 pounds. 

It is exciting to have this facility in our watershed.  The Field Station and Fish Culture Center will be periodically open for public tours and mini-classes.  Watch for announcements in local papers or at http://hvaweb.org
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