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Ontario County Honeoye Weed Harvester helping clear Sandy Bottom Beach waters

July 28, 2015 4:15 PM | Dan Lalonde (Administrator)

Update July 28, 2015. Harvester launched to work at town park.

Sandy Bottom Beach was closed today due to an algal bloom, but is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. The area west of the swimming beach is clogged today with floating vegetation blown in from south winds. Working with the Town of Richmond, our crew will use the harvester to skim up and remove as much vegetation as is practical. This is different from harvesting or cutting vegetation, where the harvester cutting bar is dropped down into the water to a maximum 6'-9" to cut rooted plants. In skimming operations, the machine moves slowly through the water with the cutting bar dropped just a few inches into the water to capture or skim up lightweight materials on or near the surface of the lake. This work is being performed in an attempt to improve conditions for recreational uses at the north end. Sediments stirred up temporarily by paddlewheels will settle out after a few hours in calm water, taking longer if there is a lot of wave action.

Nutrients, sunlight and temperature are now at levels to support seasonal algae growth in Honeoye Lake, but bloom conditions can change very quickly, especially with wind and currents. Our current goal is to remove floating mats of vegetation as well as material at shore that may prevent circulation and negatively impact the public swimming beach.

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