Honeoye Valley Association

Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Meeting

  • June 05, 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • FLCC Mueller Field Station

Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Meeting - AGENDA

FLCC Mueller Field Station

Thursday June 5th, 2014

 7:00 PM


Privilege of the Floor


Approval of December 5th, 2013 minutes


Financial Report


Honeoye Lake 2014 Weed Harvesting Program Update – Betsy Landre, OCPD


Honeoye Lake Watershed Local Law Project Update - Maria Rudzinski, OCPD


WQIP DEC Honeoye Lake Restoration Grant Proposal – P.J. Emerick & Bill Hershey, OCSWCD    


2013 Ontario County Water Resource Council Grant Funded Project Updates

            Wastewater Systems Educational Program (June 12th) – P.J. Emerick & Edith Davey

            Mercury Levels in Fish of the Finger Lakes (Honeoye Lake) (2014) –Lisa Cleckner, FLI


2014 Ontario County Water Resource Council Grant Funded Project Updates

            Tributary Stream Sampling for Honeoye Lake ($2,000) – Bruce Gilman, FLCC

            Honeoye Lake Temp. & DO Data Collection (YSI ODO Meter $1,492) – Terry Gronwall

            Electronic Macrophyte Mapping Service ($1,525) – Terry Gronwall, HLWTF


2014 HLWTF Project Updates

Princeton Hydro Proposal to Update the Honeoye Lake Hydrologic and Nutrient Budgets -Focusing on Analysis of Honeoye Inlet

Project Update– Terry Gronwall, HLWTF & Stevie Adams, TNC

GIGP Grant Proposal Update – Bill Hershey, OCSWCD

Educational Outreach Newsletter for all residents (In progress)–T. Gronwall/Edith Davey

            Collect selected stream segment water quality samples – Bill Hershey, OCSWCD

            Collect lake water quality data June-Sept. (Jun-Sep) – T. Gronwall/J. Starke, HLWTF

            Blue-green Algae sample collection for NYSDEC (Jun-Sep) – T. Gronwall/B. Hershey         


New Business 

  • Approval of OCSWCD 4Q13 $3,903.50 and 1Q14 $111.00 Services Invoices
  • Approval of summer 2013 lab expenses for eight (8) water quality sampling trips $1,792 10 Year Macrophyte Survey – Bruce Gilman, FLCC
  • Zebra Mussel Survey – Bruce Gilman, FLCC
  • Internal Load Discussion.

Information Exchange




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